Are you prepared to serve and build delicious sundaes in Papa's Freezeria? Make sure you are able to satisfy your customers, keep them happy and earn points as you climb the ranks. > 자유게시판

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Are you prepared to serve and build delicious sundaes in Papa's Freeze…

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It's been a while since you started an wonderful summer job at an Ice cream shop. Here, you need to give customers top sundaes as well as get tips based upon the reviews they give you. However, things can get busy when there are many customers at the cafe at the same time. Are you prepared to deliver the finest sundaes, keep the customers happy, and earn points to increase your sales?

What is Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is an intriguing Ice cream shop management game. In this game, you are required operate a dessert cafe when Papa Louie is away. Take orders from the customers and then make the desserts exactly like their order, without making any errors. You have to make those sundaes which customers request by pouring ice-cream, adding syrups and mixes, mixing the mixtures, and then adding toppings.

The ice cream shop has four distinct areas: Order Station, Build Station, Mix Station, and Top Station. As a participant it is your responsibility to move between these sections of the restaurant in order to create your customer's desire desserts.

Your aim here is to ensure that your customers are happy so that you accrue points for a higher level. As your levels increase, new toppings available for the shop will become available and more customers come to the Freezeria. Well-crafted sundaes will earn players tips, and you'll have the option to save those tips for features and decorations for your shop's lobby.

The gameplay is full of joy and is easy to comprehend, for everyone will be able to play. This is a wonderful game in the Papa game series. Let's make Papa's Freezeria your very own ice cream paradise.

How do you play Papa's Freezeria

The game is very simple to play as you'll need to be able to shift across the four sections of the shop , to make delicious ice cream cones.

First, you have to choose the character you wish to play. You could play as Albert or Penny and also take orders from the customers. The next step is to go to the Build Station, where you'll pour ice cream and blend it with mixables to make each sundae.

The next thing you'll want look for should be at the Mix Station. This is where you mix sundaes until they are blended just precisely to the degree that your customers desire.

And then, head onto the Top Station to add whipped cream and any toppings (don't forget the cherry on the top) prior to serving the dessert to your client.

While playing Papa's papas freezeria, you'll find each stage in the game to be a real-time experience. All you need doing is simply drag, and click or tap to go through the process of making a sundae.

There are likely to be tough Food Critics and Closers who will be visiting your establishment to sample desserts. These are discerning customers and are likely to evaluate your sundaes lower then other people.

Bottom line

Papa's Freezeria is a kind of cooking game for anyone of any age. The players' duties are quite simple: receiving orders, pouring ice cream, mixing and topping the required ingredients and serving the desserts to the customers all in working hours! You may need to be quick in order to keep up with requests and make your patrons satisfied with the perfect summertime dessert.

Are you looking to have a good time? Try Papa's Freezeria to try?


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